Who am I? Self-Portraits, Identity, Reputation

Anna Di Prospero, Central Park # 1, 2015, Fine art inkjet print, 67 x 100 cm | © Anna Di Prospero

Guia Sara Besana, Silvia Camporesi, Anna Di Prospero, Simona Ghizzoni, Moira Ricci are the protagonists of the all-female exhibition curated by Maria Livia Brunelli. The five established Italian photographers, with whom Concita De Gregorio has long conversed for her book from which the exhibition takes its title, present about fifty works on the theme of self-portrait, which turns out to be a salvific practice and therapeutic by hybrid language, crossing the a thousand nuances of existence, from identity to motherhood, from family affections to the charm of abandoned places or New York apartments.

  1. Keywords: silvia camporesi, simona ghizzoni, moira ricci, venice, fondazione bevilacqua la masa, photography, anna di prospero, arte.it, exhibitions 2018-2019, who am i? self-portraits, identity, reputation, guia sara besana, maria livia brunelli, concita de gregorio