Maddalena Tesser. Armor

Maddalena Tesser, Sirene, 2021, Oil on canvas, 145 x 198 cm | Courtesy of A plus A Gallery

The female figures painted by the young Venetian artist do not flaunt their physicality, but through their body, their clothes, their white skin, their long hair or their delicate gestures, they reveal their condition as a woman to testify to a collective memory. The figures and objects, bodies and plants in bloom, the grass, the water, the stones, the hair, the skin and the clothes, are recomposed in the subtle architecture of symbols and meanings that connects and supports the whole of the exhibition in to which each work describes a sign that refers to a remote event, or to a restrained gesture, to an unspoken, unexpressed aspiration that is imprisoned elsewhere or that rests in the shelter of one's conscience. Each episode, within the large paintings or in the sequence of portraits, participates in the construction of this minutely articulated armor - light and flashing and at the same time hard as forged metal - evoking the ambiguous possibility of penetrating the pictorial material to decipher its characters in the presences and in the stories that reveal themselves in each painting.

  1. Keywords: venice, paintings, art, exhibitions,, a plus a gallery, maddalena tesser