È per Sempre. Mara Fabbro e Alberto Pasqua

Work by Mara Fabbro

The project curated by the Friulian artists Mara Fabbro and Alberto Pasqual is the result of a two-year research focused on the constant interaction between the concepts of full and empty, expression of the essence of our time, which sees exorbitant excesses and waste of plastic materials opposed to lack of certainties and values. Plastic becomes not only a shared artistic language, but also the central theme of the exhibition set up in the exhibition spaces of the Scala del Bovolo at Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo in Venice. The exhibition itinerary develops on two levels, welcoming the visitor on the ground floor with a shower of plastic bags, the evocative installation entitled La fine del pesce (The End of The Fish), to continue on the main floor with the set of Trasparenze (Transparencies) made up of Membranes by Mara Fabbro, metropolitan maps punctuated by small pieces of material that in the mutual juxtaposition create urban traces in which man is indistinct from the building, and by the Presenze/Assenze (Presences/Absences) vertical totemic sculptures in plastic worked by Alberto Pasqua which re-propose the theme of the gash, and of emptying of the individual.

  1. Keywords: venezia, exhibitions, alberto pasqual, arte.it, mara fabbro, palazzo contarini del bovolo