Andrea Mastrovito. La Diseducazione al Reale

Andrea Mastrovito, Schwarze Blumen, 2020, Frottage in pencil on paper, 215 x 180 cm | © Andrea Mastrovito and Galleria Michela Rizzo

After a series of international successes Andrea Mastrovito returns to exhibit in Italy, exploring the theme of drawing as a copy, trace, imprint, metamorphosis, negation and absence through a series of reworkings and interpretations. The miseducation to reality is a renewed path of investigation in a context that synthesizes the traditional methods of the artist with the most recent experiments. The concept of miseducation arises from a reflection on the function of art and, in this circumstance, iconic elements of the educational and playful sphere are used according to a progressive reversal. In the exhibition on the Giudecca Island, the presence of elements typical of childhood and objects linked to school or pedagogical training appear as an intentional and misleading reminder. The colored rulers, the frottage, the blackboards, the desk and the desks, without ever losing their original meaning, are transformed into materials of use where the design is imposed to tell mythological events, paradoxical fairy tales or totally unpredictable real circumstances, characterized by infinite references and semantic interferences. It is precisely through drawing that reality can be studied, reinterpreted and rewritten.

  1. Keywords: venice, andrea mastrovito, exhibitions, galleria michela rizzo,