Gay friendly Hotel Venezia | Ideal hotel for gays, lesbians and glbt in Venice's old city center

Hotel Palace Bonvecchiati Venice

Gay friendly 4-star hotel? Palace Bonvecchiati: nothing is more charming and seductive in Venice!

A gay friendly hotel in the heart of the old city center of Venice, Palace Bonvecchiati is a private 4-star high class facility, perfect for lgbt vacations, providing luxurious and functional accommodations, complete with every service and comfort. If you are seeking a lesbian or gay vacation in Saint Mark's district, Palace Bonvecchiati is your Venice hotel that offers a convenient canal-side landing stage for gondolas and romantic rooms.

Hotel Palace Bonvecchiati in Venice, a lgbt vacation in private and luxurious 4-star rooms!

At Saint Mark's, 4-star Hotel Palace Bonvecchiati welcomes guests on gay vacations, offering luxurious furnishings with precious marble and red sofas. Lesbian couples' romantic dreams come true in Venice, in the rooms of a gay friendly, private and comfortable 4-star hotel in Saint Mark's district for an unforgettable vacation in complete privacy, assisted by a professional staff that is always courteous.

Come meet all the charm of Hotel Palace Bonvecchiati, 4-star, gay friendly in Saint Mark's!

Gay Friendly Hotel in Venice