How Much Is Too Much?

Benjamin Hirte, ˜ , 2013, Vanessa Safavi, The Witness (Detail), 2017, From How Much Is Too Much? | Courtesy of A plus A Gallery, Venice 2017

The collective exhibition takes inspiration from the “continuous city” of Leonia, which Italo Calvino writes of in his Città Invisibili, where the voracious appetite for daily changes on the part of its inhabitants summons up the image of our present, overburdened with stimuli and things to do/have/see. Thus, How Much Is Too Much? which aims to create a point of critical reflection both for artist and spectator on the compulsiveness of contemporary society.

  1. Keywords: contemporary art, venice, italo calvino,, nozio business, a plus a gallery, exhibitions 2017-2018, leonia, città invisibili, how much is too much?