Stones from the Sky – Luigi Ghirri and Paolo Icaro

Luigi Ghirri and Paolo Icaro, Le pietre del cielo | Photo: Michele Sereni | Courtesy of Fondazione Querini Stampalia, Venice, 2017

Photography and sculpture meets in the spaces designed by Carlo Scarpa at the Fondazione Querini Stampalia, to display a series of private landscapes from the photographer from Reggio Emilia Luigi Ghirri with a selection of works from his series Profilo delle Nuvole (1989), and from the master of contemporary sculpture Paolo Icaro with selected works from the ‘60s to today. A meeting of two different kinds of artists and arts, in space and time, in which the material of sculpture offers photography a rich interaction with the exhibition spaces and sets off a direct comparison between the two artists and the architecture of Scarpa, a visual continuum saturated by the idea to create a place “with the passage of time”.

  1. Keywords: luigi ghirri, carlo scarpa, fondazione querini stampalia, sculpture, photography, architecture,, paolo icaro, nozio business, exhibitions 2017-2018, profilo delle nuvole, stones from the sky - luigi ghirri and paolo icaro